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BL373 Capacitive Module



□   Fingerprint ASIC, professional fingerprint chip, fast matching speed and high accuracy.
□   Compact sized, good resistance to impact and vibration with strong ESD.
□   1 million attempts durability processing of the sensor, long lifespan.
□   Wide application area with no light affections.
□   Wide temperature adaptability, suitable to work under low temperature, strong adaptive capacity, both dry finger or wet finger could be identified easily.
□   Selective operating mode, standalone mode or command control mode.



Suitable to be used on entrance guard, door lock, safe box, cases lock, car security, handheld POS, bank security and social insurance security etc. which fingerprint identification function is needed.




Technical Parameter:

l    Sensor Type: Semiconductor swipe type
l    Storage: 50 fingerprints
l    Matching Precision: FAR≤0.0001%; FRR≤1%
l    Matching Speed: ≤1s(50 templates)
l    Resoution: 500 DPI
l    Fingerprint Sweep Speed: 10 cm/ Second
l    Sensor Size(mm): 10.3  x 4.1 x 1.2
l    ESD: >15KV
l    Interface: UART/USB
l    Power Suppy: 4V~7V
l    Power Consumption: <85mA (on operation)
l    CPU: Fchip2 (BL Chip)
l    Board size: 40 x 25 x 6mm (L x W x H)
l    Resoution: 500 DPI
l    Fingerprint Sweep Speed: 10 cm/ Second
l    Working Temperature: -20℃~+60℃



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